What is a Psychic?

PsychicPowersWhat is a Sensitive or Medium?

Many people are confused about the difference between a medium, psychic, or sensitive. They are all linked, yet different.

A psychic refers to those who are connected to the paranormal through a “sixth sense”. A sixth sense or intuition can’t be explained by logic. Sophia believes each one of us have some degree of psychic ability.

A sensitive also refers to anyone with this sixth sense or psychic prescience. These intuitions are also inexplicable by logic. Like a psychic, we all have varying degrees of sensitivity.

But not all psychics are mediums or sensitive. A medium is a psychic that has developed extrasensory abilities beyond the world of time, space, causality and permanence. This is what allows these individuals to see and hear another dimension.

Mediumship requires the ability to surrender and suspend to a frequency or level of energy where spirits resonate. Spirits respond to humans with extrasensory perception because they are equally passionate about communicating with their loved ones left behind.

Sophia uses her abilities that include clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear vision), and clairaudient (clear hearing). The detail she gives during readings is evidential proof of her extraordinary abilities. However Sophia believes everyone can have similar ability. “If one is willing to surrender attachment to self-interest that is required to develop them. However it does cost not much less than everything,” Sophia says.

Richard P. Jackson, internationally known clairvoyant, explains in television interview below where his psychic abilities come from. He explains in a clear, concise manner where his gifts come from and how being open helps him to accept his gifts without question.