Ghost, Spirits & Entities

Spirits and then some…


Can a spirit hurt you? If so can a spirit attack you? If so can a spirit rape you?!

Perhaps you’ve heard about a film in the 1980s called, “The Entity”.

We all now know that this movie was fiction, only Hollywood entertainment, nothing more…


On the other hand, those who study how Hollywood producers and directors make scary movies understand that a great deal of their content comes from some basis in fact.

The information in the video below, based on historical facts and scientific research, was used to produce the movie “The Entity”.

WARNING: This video is disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewers. View at your own discretion.

Perhaps you’re thinking that this isn’t truly happening to real people? Is there an individual that had such an attack happen to them?
Well… listen to the true story of Skylar Grey who, she says that she was molested by a spirit.

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Richard P. Jackson, internationally known clairvoyant and exorcist, talks about his experience with angels and demons, as well as his experiences as a spirit guide.