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Are you planning an upcoming event, large party or fund raiser? Are you looking for a Maze or Labyrinth that is one of kind?  For kids and/or adults, if you have the spot – we’ve got the Maze!

If you’re looking for a new, fun, and exciting way to entertain then renting one of our inflatable Mazes is the perfect way to create an event everyone will remember. You will truly surprise and amaze your guests and visitors.  We guaranteed a Maze and experience like no other.


Why Are Our Mazes/Labyrinth So Special:

Since the Maze lay out can be custom designed to fit your specific festivities, we can create just about any experience in our Maze you can imagine!

Our Mazes are:

  • Versatile – they can be custom designed for any occasion
  • Flexible – our attractions can be set up on an open field, large back yard or parking lot
  • Accessibility – our inflatable Maze are fully handicap accessible
  • Safe – our designs pass all state and local fire and safety codes

What are the benefits of renting an inflatable Maze for my fund raiser?

Besides creating a unique experience for you and your guests, our Mazes will provide you with:

  • High revenue return – with the capacity to move approximately 300 people through in an hour, our Mazes can be a great revenue producing vehicle
  • Our Mazes are structured allowing you to add your own décor or theme
  • Great visibility – place the Maze in the right location and you’ll continue to attract customers and visitors throughout the event

As mentioned above,  use our Mazes for revenue producers.  So keep them in mind if you are planning your next:

  • Carnival
  • Event rental company
  • Seasonal retail store
  • Family entertainment center
  • Amusement park
  • Service club
  • Park district
  • Shopping or retail center
  • Festival
  • Halloween haunted attraction
  • Fun house
  • Corporate event
  • Business network event
  • Grand opening event
  • Fantasy game

If you need a unique entertainment attraction, then you’ve found the one company that can do it all. When our crew arrives, we will roll out our inflatable Maze, which is the size of a small bed, and inflate it in about 90 seconds into a 1000 square foot, 10 foot high building like structure. We will rig the entire structure with a complete sound and lighting system and we do all this in about three hours.  When done, we pack up and leave in even less time!


We Offer Two Customizable Party Mazes/Labyrinth-One Sample Below:

Both  Mazes/Labyrinth Measure 32 ft. length X 27 ft. width X 12 ft. height

Specs for Party Maze.

Interior View Of Fun Maze With Columns Only

Interior View Of Fun Maze With Columns Only


  • Basic  Party  Maze/Labyrinth – NO INTERIOR MAZE no themed facade or equipment; since the exterior is black, you can place your banner, signage, logos, etc. on the maze for all to see, has 40 columns inside, (all at two feet in diameter), no internal maze structure, 1 Technician during operations.  Refer to image above right.
  • Complete Party Maze/Labyrinth structure – WITH INTERIOR MAZE, has 40 columns, (two feet in diameter), connected to a customizable maze designs, 1 Technician during operations; we design the maze the way you want it!  Add our SOUND SYSTEM with your choice in sound effects/music to either package.

We offer the following rental packages:




The following pricing is for Connecticut rentals only; out of state rentals are extra.   An extra cost of $850 can be added to package price for out of state rentals; this is due to travel and accommodation costs for our staff, special permits/license and training for crew as well as shipping costs for our equipment.  Please click here for an estimate quote.
We rent in the following locations – CT, NY, NJ, RI, LI, PA, and MA.

  • Basic Party Maze/Labyrinth one (without floor plan, just columns) – $697/day or $997/2 day weekend, add $114 for each additional day
  • Complete Party Maze/Labyrinth two (with a custom floor plan) – $897/day or $1,197/2 day weekend, add $114 for each additional day with SOUND SYSTEM & Sound Effects/Music – Just $100


To find out how we can help make your next event one to remember, please contact us at 203-367-5741 or email us at

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