What are orbs?

2799540_origThey can be almost anything.  Many individuals believe them to be the essence or photographic evidence of the spirits of the dead.  But are they really?

Could they be moisture in the air or dust particles? Could they be impurities on the lens of cameras? What about active paranormal locations where mystics, psychics and sensitives feel something unusual in an area prior to an image being taken of an Orb/Orbs?  If you stop to ignore all possible rational explanations, what is left is a potential paranormal unknown that needs to be studied.  Maybe they are Thought Forms, as some researchers have suggested.

Case in point:
Angelus Perez, owner of Your Custom Haunted House (during a guest appearance at one of our client’s haunt event),  asked the photographer to take a picture of him in his Imp Costume.  He told the photographer to take a picture with the focus on the Imp’s left index finger. Sure enough, when the picture came out, there was a well defined orb dancing on the tip of the Imp’s finger!

But how did Angelus know the orb was there? The photographer did not see the Orb prior to taking the shot. How did the Imp create it, if at all? Angelus never explained how he made it appear or knew that it was there, but he did make a semi-cryptic comment.  Angelus, (As the Imp), stated, “if one can create orbs at will, perhaps the orbs are a real phenomena after all”.

The Magical Imp With Pet Orb

The Magical Imp With Pet Orb


Massive amount of orbs coming from nowhere.  Check out this video below: