Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigation Tips – Ghost Hunting Techniques for the Family

In this interview on the cable show Focus on Family, Chimera Enterprise owner Angelus Perez talks about ghosts, spirits and all things paranormal.

It’s Time to Bump Back!

Is your house haunted or is it just your over active imagination? Have you been watching too many scary movies…

In our work and research IMG_0250-1024x768we have encountered many families who truly believe that their homes are haunted. Upon investigation, we have found that they are not suffering from haunting phenomena, but rather an overactive imagination, effects from an external energy source, or some other psychological problem.

To help determine if your house is haunted, answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

  1. Have you or anyone in your family ever dabbled in occult practices? These include playing with a Ouija board, holding seances, visiting a psychic for a psychic reading, tarot cards, tea leaf reading, etc?
  2. Do you have strange dreams or thoughts that aren’t your own?
  3. Are there unusual cold spots in the house? An example would be a room that is normally warm and then suddenly becomes cold, then warm again.
  4. Do pets in the house act strange in any way? For instance, staring off into space at something, or appearing frightened for no apparent reason?
  5. Are there any unusual sounds that can’t be logically explained? This may include pounding or knocking sounds. (This is one of the most misinterpreted factors when dealing with a possible haunting. Many sounds come from logical sources, i.e. hot water pipes, house settling, something falling or being knocked over by a pet, furnace noises, etc.) These must all be ruled out.
  6. Do you find that you and/or your family members are easily agitated, and perhaps argue more than usual?
  7. Do you witness shadows, figures, movements from the corner of your eye? From your peripheral vision?
  8. Are objects suddenly found to have gone missing and then reappear? (An example is leaving your car keys on the table, then unable to locate them. Later you return and they are right there where you had left them.)
  9. Have you been touched by an unseen hand?
  10. Do you hear whispering or talking? Is the whispering or talking understandable?
  11. Do you feel frightened in your home for no apparent reason?

Answering yes to one of these questions doesn’t necessarily mean your dwelling is haunted. But answering yes to three or more of them (depending on which three) might mean there is something going on in your home that shouldn’t be ignored.

Paranormal Investigation Tips – Getting Rid of Ghosts & Spirits

In this interview on the cable show Focus on Family, Chimera Enterprise owner Angelus Perez talks about recognizing the different types of paranormal activity in our lives and how to get rid of ghosts and spirits.