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Constructing an affordable, professional haunted attraction should not be scary, leave that to the attraction. Your Custom Haunted House takes the fear and worry out of this process and will show you how to make a fun, profitable attraction that your customers will love.



Your Custom Haunted House, now offers your company an easy and affordable way to break into the professional or home haunt scene. Are you of need of fresh new ideas, are you just starting out in the haunted attraction entertainment business or are you a home haunter who wants to go to the big leagues, Your Custom Haunted House can offer what you need.

This service is not for the already established seasonal professional.  Your Custom Haunted House is the only company specializing in the small guy or business owner start ups.  We know that the average new comer to the haunted attraction industry all suffers from one major setback, and that is start up capital.   We here at Your Custom Haunted House will design and construct a basic 2,000 to 4,000 square foot start up maze and ship to you a 99% completed haunted house structure.  You can then finish converting it into a professional attraction with little time and investment.

Through our consulting services, we help you to keep your working /start up capital low.  For far less than having us do all the work, we will coach and educate you on decorating, theming, painting and even marketing your attraction for 10s of thousands of dollars less than what other companies offer.  For a complete and ready to go haunted attraction, prices out there range from $80,000 to $150,000 or more.  After which, you still need to purchase props, illusions, hire staff, actors, deal with marketing and advertising, etc., etc.  Let’s face it!  The main cost of a starting and running your first financially successful haunted attraction is the physical structure alone.  Once you have the maze, there are thousands of ways to inexpensively open your first haunt,…if you are seriously thinking of making a living through this type of entertainment business.  If so, let Your Custom Haunted House help you make your dream come true!

We will deliver your start up maze in a storage container. Construction is simple and requires only a small dedicated crew with general construction know how to erect our light weight 4’x8′ wood panels. But, you might be asking the question, how safe is it!?  The wood structure is self standing and completely FIRE TREATED. It also comes with the appropriate certificates to ensure that you will have a safe and profitable season. To find out more about our haunted house construction Services please call (203) 367-5741 or FAX us at (203) 306-3091 or email us at info@YourCustomHauntedHouse.com.



ReaperGraveThe Bare Bones Mazes are for the new guy on the block.   There are no theme, painting, props and decor included with these two packages:
1. The 2,400 to 3,400 square foot starter maze investment is  $23,000 to $25,000
2. The 4,000 square foot large starter maze investment is $29,000

All packages come with instructions on setup and making changes, upgrades or modifications as well as technical support.
For custom multiple orders, and/or,  smaller or larger sizes, please contact us for a quote.

These prices do not include our consulting services.
Please contact us for a quote.



ReaperGrave2Yes , we can also offer you a Complete Professional Haunted Attraction. It is for the individual or company that want it all:
The 4,000 square foot complete maze, with painted walls, special effects, illusions, props and all the bells and whistles!  This is a professional complete attraction with all the bells and whistles!
Please contact us for a quote and more information on our complete package.

Complete Attraction Comes with:

– Up to 4,000 square feet
– 4 – 5 day build time with three to four people and easy to follow assembly instructions
– Custom themes are available
– Maze can be setup for in 3-D/ incandescent mode
– Inner walls have professional artwork
– Outside walls are black
– Painted theme facade at entrance
– Maze is designed for maximum scares with many single actor multi scare setups
– Easy to understand detailed instructions
– Many panels are constructed of double-sided 4×8 5/16 CDX plywood with 2×4 inner framing
– All panels and wood framing are fire retardant and come with certification
– No fire sprinkler or fire system needed if used out side
– (2-4) actor drop down scare boxes
– Minimum of (2) actor pop out box scares
– Minimum of (4) actor walkthrough scares
– Certified emergency lighting, exit signs and fire extinguishers
– Minimum of (4) emergency exits
– Black lights fixtures, special effects lights and spot lighting
– Includes all galvanized screws, hardware and guiding templates Shipped to your location