FAQ Cemetery

There’s only one thing on the minds of our crew before setting up
a haunted cemetery and that is safety!

Safety First





Q. What type of lighting is used?

A. We use mostly 12 volts LED lighting and some times DJ Lazar lighting projectors.

Q. What about Flame Retardant?

A. All props are built from flame resistant material or are treated to be flame retardant  . If the client requires, we also provide the M.S.D.S. specifications and label each unit with our fire retardant certification.

Q. What about Air Conditioning during the warm season?

A. Although the black material does absorb the heat during the summer days, the air being released through the seams within the structure help cool the unit down considerably. You may also open all exits and ventilation hatches while working inside to increase air ventilation and circulation.

Q. What happens during emergencies while the walk through is in operation?

A. Lighted exit signs are posted and  in case of emergency or if visitors are too scared to continue host will escort patronage out the nearest exit. the entrances and aisles are wheelchair accessible also.

Q. Is the walk through wheelchair accessible?

A. All cemeteries are disabilities accessible.