Our crews work hard for all your designs!

Q. Can your company build specific props for our themed events?

A. We proudly manufacture complete and original lines of Halloween decorations, haunted house props, over sized professional costumes, corpses and special effects for your specific needs. In fact,  our exclusive line is made entirely by hand one prop at a time; therefore each item is unique and specially fitted with our client in mind!

Q. Does your company have ready made props/decor to purchase right away and if so, where can we see them?

A. Retail outlet props and decor serve a purpose; our company provides distinctive, intentionally designed props and decor. Our past clients require one of a kind professional props and special effects for their ideal event, so our time is spent in custom designing, fabricating, and creating special works of art.

Q. What if your prop is complex to operate?  Does your company train our staff?

A. We have a complete consulting department that can be hired to educate and advise.  Also with any customized prop order, you automatically receive training on how to properly operate your prop and special effects.

Q. What if the work we have is too large or not within your company’s ability to provide?

A. We usually outsource any work that requires multiple disciplines or has a time frame that we cannot meet.  During the consultation phase of our proposal work, if for whatever reason we cannot meet your timeframe we will suggest qualified candidates to work with you from our huge network database.

Q. If need be could we see a sample of your work?

A. We have a library of our past work, and can supply images via email or fax upon request.

Q. How long does it take to manufacture and deliver our props and special effects?

A. That all depends on how elaborate or complex the prop or effect is to produce.  In the past, a small prop took only a few days while others took a few months.  During the first phase of our proposal, you are given an estimated time frame of the project completion.  We suggest if you are planning a future event, hire us as your consultants; our team has over 20 years of experience.  With integrity and dedication, we provide you with logistics, schematics, and timetables for the safe and enjoyable execution of your event.

Q. What if all we want is your advice so that we can do the work ourselves?

A. We specialize in haunted attractions and are really good at it; as a matter of fact 45% of our business is just advising and coaching.

If you have general questions you may contact us via email at: Info@YourCustomHauntedHouse.com