Advisers & Consulting

It’s all about Profitability!

We are your producers: We oversee your supplies, support and manage the staging of your haunted attraction production.

We are your creative directors: We are the directors responsible for identifying and implementing the overall image of the haunt with regards to makeup, special effects, artwork and how the attraction will be promoted.  We can even design your haunt from the ground up and help you build your own haunted attraction (you supply local laborers and we will manage and instruct them).

We are your liaisons: through our 30+ years of collective experience and skills in the haunted industry, we can guide you to the best manufacturers of haunted attractions, props, and scenery for your attraction or event; we can also broker deals on your behalf for new or used haunts for purchase.

We are your advisers: we educate, coach and guide you in all the logistics of creating and running a financially successful attraction.  We provide you with all the necessary information to make your haunted attraction, or event, a profitable investment. We do not manufacture the physical haunted attraction; this is the last thing to do after applying the plans to your business.

On special projects, we can partner with the client and direct all operations for the first year or two as needed.  We will help you hire actors and staff, train them and manage them through times of operations.

If you plan not to use a Haunted Consultant, do not plan to open a Haunted Attraction.

Leonard Pickel


18116404_lTypes of Businesses we work with:

Candy Factories, Sport Centers, Farms, Haunted House Operators, Event Planners, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Water Parks, Pop up Halloween Stores, Family Entertainment Centers, Toy Stores, Museums, Corn Mazes, Theme Parks, Pumpkin Patch Farms, Aquariums, Specialty Retailers, Malls, Entertainment Venues, Hotels, Bars,  Floral & Garden Centers, Costume & Party Rental Shops, Gift Shops, Lazar Tag, Writers, Owner of copy rights to The Amityville Horror stories, Family Sport Centers, Large Car Dealerships, Churches, The Rotary Club, Costume Shops, Universities and Colleges, Corporations, Casinos…..Just to name a few!


20860333_lPhone Consultations
You can buy prepaid telephone consulting time with us and we can assist you in one-on-one phone sessions. With phone consulting, you will be given the opportunity to email your questions to us in advance and request a phone appointment. The rates are as follows:

1 Hour or more of Phone Consulting – $297.00 per hour

10 Hours of Pre-paid consulting – $2,500.00 (250.00 per hour)

Sessions can be used in increments of as little as 15 minutes; this allows you to seek assistance when urgency is an issue but without being charged for an entire hour of consultation services. To purchase consulting services please complete the consultation form in the link below and email to We will then send a Paypal invoice to the email address you provide. Please use this email to contact us with any questions.   Consult Contact Form


One Day/On Site Consulting
We will visit your location and sit down with you to discuss plans, layouts, improvements and more. We will tell you specifically what’s needed to take things to the next level with in your budget.

A one day on site consultation will start at $2,850 plus travel expenses.  If client chooses any of our manufacturing/designing services, the on site consultation fee will be deducted from the total cost. To discuss this further, please send an email to with as much specific information regarding your project as possible to request an appointment.


Feasibility Consultation
Phase I – To assess your business/community can support a haunted attraction and determine the date and type of haunt you wish to open with.

15 Hours of Pre-paid consulting and summary report – $3,750.00 (250.00 per hour)

Phase I may, or may not, require an on site visit of client’s location.

This phase takes an average of 15 hours and prepaid consulting packages are available.

Phase II – Once we have identified the type of attraction you are looking to create and we know it fits your needs and budget we complete a report that outlines the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW of your specific plans!  For those new to the haunted industry, this will be the most comprehensive service, short of designing and building the attraction, we offer.

If you wish us to join forces to get your company up and running in the haunted theme business, please email us at

11025901_lComplete Haunt Design Consultation Packages
We can Advise and Design the Complete Haunted Attraction:

  • Recruiting, hiring and/or training staff (includes safety training)
  • Helping you writing up employee/actors hand books and manuals
  • Writing disclaimer documents
  • Supplying incident reports
  • Americans with Disabilities Act questions and answers
  • Coach you on ways to promote your haunt
  • Haunted attraction/design layout
  • Advise you on haunted attraction construction tips working with your local vendors
  • Complete design of scenery and props
  • Assist you in purchasing a used or new haunted attraction
  • Facade Design
  • Story line/back-story and character development
  • Create Employee, Staff and Security hand books
  • Coach you on creating a long term Business/Financial Plan, (optional)
  • Coach you on creating a Rocking and Professional haunted attraction website

With this package we will layout your haunted house and offer you 10 hours of phone consultation to help you advance your knowledge to market, operate and make a profit with your attraction.
Maze Design/10 Hour Consultation Package: $2,500

Email us at:

If You Want More Than Our Consultation Packages.
We can also Build you a complete Haunted Attraction!!!


NOTE : Fees mentioned above are not inclusive of phone, fax, copy service and postage expenses. The fees will be invoiced separately at face value. Prices quoted are for the individual phases of a project, and can be purchased together or separately. The more phases that Your Custom Haunted House is contracted for, and the earlier in the year that a contract is signed, the more room there is for negotiation on the fee calculations.