More Un-Dead Pirate Fun In Milford CT

The Town of Milford’s NEW Character Breakfast Event is one you won’t want to miss! Join us on Sunday, June 11 from 9-11am at Lisman Landing (37 Helwig St, Milford, CT) for “Pancakes with Pirates!” You’ll enjoy Pacakes, Sausage, Juice, Coffee/Tea while listening to Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate play guitar and sing tracks from his albums “Give Me an RRR, Pirate PaRRRty and The Flying Pirate Circus. Face painting and plenty of pictures with your favorite Pirate, both Live and Un-Dead! helps by supplying some of the un-dead and decor.  Come for the Food, Fun and Family activities!

Reserve your ticket today before they are SOLD OUT!

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Tickets will only be sold at the door if available, Door price will be $15.

The Un-dead Pirates of Milford CT

Avast ye hearties! There be Pirates in Milford This year! You know summer is here when the Pirates arrive in Downtown Milford – and there’s no better way to celebrate the 15th Annual Pirate’s Weekend than with a Ball! New for this year, The Pirate’s Ball takes place at Fowler’s Pavilion (behind the Library) – it’s a night food, fun and the sounds of Changes In Latitudes, the country’s premier Jimmy Buffet cover band!

No Pirate’s Ball is complete without the right attire – so dress your seaworthy best! Best dressed pirate wins a ride along Captain Kidd himself aboard the “Oz” the following morning when he and his crew capture Milford.

Food Trucks, Vendors, Dancing, and Changes in Latitudes – kick off summer with a bang! Hurry – tickets are limited. Get yours before they sell out!

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at
Arr, I almost forgot to mention.  Our actors, (Or should I say our Un-dead actors), will be there as well to entertain all ye enters!  Our ship mates will be there Sunday the 11th as well.  So come on down for the festivities and maybe you might join our ranks of the un-dead!

Evolution of New Product

Now that Your Custom Haunted House is out of the prop renting business, (except for the Party Maze and

Portable Haunted Maze, we can focus more on serving the public and our clients through using our new product Creeperum!

Halloween Monsters

Halloween Monsters

Since the ribbon cutting ceremony in October 2016, our new professional haunted attraction has scares and entertained thousands. Despite over whelming issues that threaten to keep Creeperum from ever opening at all, the haunt open on time to the delight of the public.  Our 2017 Valentine’s week end event went even better, with five star reviews across the board.  People drove hours from outer state to join us and play with our actors.

Haunted Actor

With each event opening, Your Custom Haunted House will be able to support local artist, laborers, technicians and actors.  With our portable unit, most of the work goes out of state and Connecticut looses major tourism opportunities.   The best part of having an attraction in one location is the lack of wear and tear to our props when transporting them, setup and tear down during rentals.  We can focus on improving, adding upgrades and creating a more intense experience for our customers with out the concern of packing/unpacking.  Another perk is that we can work with our favorite non-for-profit and fund raisers and give back to the community we live in.

As for the future, Creeperum will be replacing the portable haunted attraction in the next two years and adding new rides and interactive activities that is currently impossible with the portable Maze.  We intend to become a major tourism location as well as become the preeminent interactive haunted attraction in all of Connecticut!

There’s Money to Be Made in the Haunt Business

dollars-blood-11677608As seen by the popularity of shows like “The Walking Dead”, haunted attractions like Netherworld in Atlanta, GA, and movies like “The Conjuring” horror and all things associated with it are extremely popular right now.

There is big money to be made in the horror and haunt industry as shown in these newspaper articles and videos, which include insight into Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner, billionaire Mark Cuban. Check out the information below and see why now is a great time to get into the haunt business!




Here’s an article from which goes into detail about Mark Cuban’s $2 million “Shark Tank” horror deal:

Here’s an update on the status of horror entertainment company Ten Thirty One Productions after their record breaking $2 million deal on “Shark Tank”:


You Can Make a Lot of Money Scaring People For a Living
Need more facts about the profitability of Haunted Attractions, please check out this link

What Type of Oddities Will Creeperum Have?


Creeperum will have oddities that are a cross between Ripley’s Believe It or Not Vault, Friday the 13th (the television series), and a circus freak show tent. All items will have an amazing history: some real and some fiction, but one has to judge for themselves which is actually the case…

Some things will be as innocent as a little girl’s room while others, like an ancient looking cemetery or crypt, will make your hairs stand up at first glance! Rest assured in Creeperum what appears harmless is not and what you fear may only be a distraction for the real scare just out of sight.

A preview video of Creeperum is available below. The video shows security cameras of what appears to be the Creeperum warehouse. People looking at the video are convinced that they see real apparitions and angels caught on camera. Is it real or not? That answer is left up to the viewer…

Like the victims in the security cameras, when the Creeperum attraction opens next year patrons will experience the terrifying, macabre and insidious nature that is the environment of Creeperum.


The State of the Haunted Attraction Industry

Haunt industry

Being in the haunted industry as a vendor or attraction designer for over 30 years, Angelus Perez has become tired of the homogenization of many haunted attractions in America; after visiting thousands of attractions one seems no different than the other. It doesn’t matter if the attraction is new or it has been around for decades, they all appear basically the same and predictable.

Haunted attractions are a separate species; they are allowed and expected by consumers to be less ‘Hollywood’ and more raw. Because of this, there is an ever increasing need for many attraction owners to get to the next level of fear entertainment. Some are cutting corners when it comes to safety and taking risks in the name of the ultimate scare. This attitude is endangering the lives of the haunt’s actors, staff and customers!

While it’s fine to walk the edge when it comes to haunted attractions, unprofessional techniques and practices that raise safety concerns and put people at risk should not be tolerated and tend toward the dark side of the haunt industry. To get an idea of what I’m referring to, check out the movie, The Houses October Built”; though the story is fictitious, many of the interviews and stories are true. People have died, animals have been tortured, mistreated and left to die, local laws have been broken and environmental issues were created; all for the goal of the next big scare and good old fashioned greed. The atrocities done by some in the haunt industry are shameful; do a simple Google search and you’ll be amazed…

When our new haunted attraction Creeprum opens next year, we will do just the opposite; we will have entertainment with scares while keeping it safe for all! Creeperum will have many of the traditional scares that people love, want and expect, and it will be the job of the creative staff of Creeperum to specifically think outside the box and take artistic risks. Their job is to be part of Creeperum’s think tank and come up with ideas for the future of the haunt industry, while ensuring ethical and professional safety practices. Sadly, many haunted attraction owners do not get this and that is the reason why so many haunted attractions fail within the first two years.

At Your Custom Haunted House, we use a method called back engineering: instead of just jumping into building the physical haunted attraction, we create the attraction 10 years into the future on paper. Much more than a basic business plan, which can be a projection of a few years – or in this case, just a seasonal job, it is a complete diagram of an annual full time tourist attraction. We are attempting to create a permanent, year-round entertainment center for people who ‘love all things Halloween’ and can also be used by professionals: artists, designers, managers, production directors, etc. With the opening of Creeperum, we hope to become a model to other up and coming small businesses in and out of the haunted industry.

Happy Halloween!

Remembering the Original Ghostbusters

The Warrens

It’s amazing watching the explosion in the horror and haunt genre today. With shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and its new prequel ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ on cable television, as well as horror and paranormal movies like ‘Insidious’, ‘Annabelle’, ‘The Conjuring’, and its upcoming sequel ‘The Conjuring 2’ the haunt/horror industry is experiencing a following and success like never before.

It’s exciting and encouraging to me because when I started my haunt business back in the mid 90s, there wasn’t this level of interest in the genre. The original ghost busters, Ed and Lorraine Warren, along with their son-in-law Tony Spera were my special and gracious mentors during the early stages of building and marketing my business. I learned so much from Ed and Lorraine and considered it an honor to call them my friends.

I also had the privilege of working with Ed and Lorraine on their annual Halloween Supernatural seminar for the New England Society for Psychic Research several years ago and was touched that they took the time to write a testimonial for me, which you can find here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

The 9th anniversary of Ed’s death took place on August 23rd, and I wanted to take a moment and say how much he meant to me and how instrumental he was in helping me get started in the haunt business; for that I will always be grateful. If you’d like to see a wonderful tribute to Ed Warren from the New England Society for Psychic Research, click here.

Happy Halloween!

Creeperum Update!


Here’s an update on the status of Creeperum:

Local community development departments, as well as state government programs and offices, (whose job it is to help and fund small companies/businesses like us), have failed in their priorities. Due to this, a proper location was not found in time to open this year.

Everyone is very disappointed, but Creeperum will now focus primarily on aggressively marketing early next year, and perfecting and building new never before seen in CT illusions and props for 2016 will start immediately. Perfecting and building the new maze, ticket booth, & outside façade for 2016 will also start immediately.

The Creeperum website will reflect the new changes & new opening for 2016 soon. By January 2016, the only concern will be to focus on finding the best location for Creeperum as possible.

The silver lining in all this is that we will be able to perfect Creeperum and give a better show & product by next year; no rushing this year!  We will also raise more money through investors to cover all working capital needs.

People have asked if we are sure we can open in 2016; the answer is YES! This is not a hobby, this is a necessary upgrade to our existing  business Your Custom Haunted House. This is merely delayed not defeated!  We have already invested a lot of money, resources, time and equipment, so this is going to happen; on to 2016!

Help Bring Creeperum to Life!

Last week we wrote about CT’s newest haunted attraction, Creeperum brought to you by our parent company Chimera Enterprise LLC. The goal of Chimera Enterprise is to bring you a quality haunted attraction that lives up to our high standards and will keep you and your friends coming back for more scares.

To do that though, we need your help! Consider giving to our Go Fund Me campaign to help us provide the standard in haunt excellence. Click the link to donate to the campaign; thank you!

Welcome to Creeperum



Let our sinister collection of creepy, fantastic and horrific oddities from around the world and beyond grab you and drag you into the darkness that is Creeperum, a sideshow haunted attraction that has secrets for both young and old.

It doesn’t take long for emotions to turn from curiosity to fear as you wander in almost total darkness searching for a way out; faint glimpses of light fooling you into believing an exit is near. All you can do is feel your way through one corridor after another while unexpected creatures appear all around you. Yes, there is a new reason to fear the darkness…

The nightmare that is Creeperum will push your senses to their limits this Halloween.

Of course once you leave Creeperum and the fear subsides, the laughs begin as you recover and relive the entertainment in your mind and with your friends; at that point your only desire is to go back and experience the excitement all over again!

This is the story behind Creeperum, Connecticut’s newest haunted attraction produced by Chimera Enterprise LLC, parent company of Your Custom Haunted House. When asked why build in Connecticut, owner Angelus Perez answered “to create permanent new full and part time jobs and to bring badly needed family oriented tourism to the state. The focus is to create a premier year round family entertainment center themed specifically for all those Halloween lovers out there. The Creeperum haunted attraction is just the beginning of the haunt experience that Chimera Enterprise LLC has planned for Connecticut.”

Another benefit of building the attraction in Connecticut is the ability to work with local vendors, artists and business professionals in order to showcase their expertise and as a result, increase business opportunities for all of us. Staying local will also allow us to support local groups and nonprofits by allowing them to use the Creeperum attraction for fundraising events.

We hope to have the Creeperum attraction ready to open for fall 2015 but the process of starting a small business in the state of Connecticut has not been easy! There is a lot of red tape to cut through and it is not business-friendly at all. Between working with city officials to find a proper, safe location and the permit process, the project has been delayed by several months. While these setbacks have been disappointing, the goal of Chimera Enterprise LLC is to bring you a quality haunted attraction that lives up to our high standards which may mean delaying the opening of Creeperum until fall 2016.

With our haunted attraction Creeperum, Chimera Enterprise LLC is committed to providing you with the highest standard of excellence in haunt entertainment; we look forward to scaring you!