Rent A Haunt Attraction


Imagine your next Team Building event not just in a hotel or charter’s hall, but in a ready to go professional Haunted Attraction!   Forget decorating, we have you covered.  Our decorations are film quality and already set to WOW your group.

If you are a party planner or head of a non-profit, let us partner together to give your customers an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Get in touch and come visit us on-site to check out the facility and make arrangements to rent our Full Haunted Attraction facility for your next Private Network function, Annual Company Team Building, Awards Ceremony, Fundraiser, or for your Non-Profit Organization & Special Interest Group needs!! 

Rent A Professional Haunted Attraction for your next Party or Meeting.

Rent A Professional Haunted Attraction for your next Party or Meeting.


Rent A Haunted House

Haunted HouseYour Custom Haunted House is the first company in the US to offer a complete 4,000+ square foot Professional Haunted Attraction that is ready to rent all year round.

Because of  our unique location, The Creeperum Haunt is rented out to private events all year round. Please read through the descriptions below and choose the best package for your event and then contact our office for full details and pricing.


Just check what CT News 8 and 3 had to to say about our rentable Haunt Creeperum.





Creeperum Private Events:  Live actors, full production, tour of Creeperum.  Starting at $20 per person, our attraction is fully customizable to your event.  Book now before spots are gone!  Please contact our staff for pricing and availability.  Groups can also bring their own food and drinks.

We also offer discounted group packages during the Halloween season starting at just 20 guests.

Creeperum Private Scavenger Games:  Battle each other, find clues, get the prize in an interactive setting.  Perfect for Team Building.  The games use the whole attraction.  $30.00 per person minimum of three teams of  7 or more people.  The Creeperum scavenger games are open year-round starting May of 2017 by reservation only and is the ultimate team building game. Beat the crowd and start booking your company outing now!  Contact us at or visit

Private Halloween Event Tours (September-October)

The Creeperum PRIVATE Event:   In September and October Creeperum haunted house offers the ability to close our doors to the general public and open ONLY for your group or event.  These events are limited to Monday-Thursday in October or the first two Friday/Saturday’s as well as any Sunday – Thursday in September.  Starting at $15 per person, our attraction is fully customizable to your event.  Please contact our staff for pricing and availability   Client is allowed to cater their own event.  Book now before spots are gone!

You operate it or we operate it for you.  Our Social Sales Coordinator will work closely with you to ensure your event perfectly reflects your vision. Book our unique interactive attraction for an event that is sure to be the talk of any season!

Please call 203-367-5741 or 203-645-1580 to get started.


What Kind Of Haunted Experience Will I Have?

The labyrinth of Creeperum  features numerous nightmares, loops and false directions as its name implies.  Suspenseful with randomly dispersed encounters with an amazing assortment of unexpected entities of the night, it doesn’t take long for emotions to take a downward turn into fear as you wander into the dimly lit darkness searching for a way out.  Occasionally, faint glimmers will fool you into believing that the end is near but all is not as it seems.  Feel your way through one claustrophobic corridor after another while unexpected creatures appear around you without warning, literally coming at you from every direction;  you never know where they might lead you or where the next one is coming from!  A sense of nervousness and apprehension sets in almost immediately then increases in intensity and finally soars to a panic as you slowly realize that you are lost in the maze;  the worst part of your journey is the realization that while your group was just standing in front of you, they are no longer anywhere to be found!  The sense of hopelessness and the futility of your efforts are made worse by misdirecting specters telling you to first go one way then the other.  The confusion is worsened by distracting voices and monsters taunting your misfortune. Bumping into endless winding and cavities along with your own emotional unrest makes successful navigation practically impossible, but don’t worry there is no way to turn around and go back; sooner or later you must go forward to exit your nightmare. Of course once out, the laughs begin as you recover and begin to run over the entertainment in your mind and with your friends; then your only desire is to go back in again and again!!


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