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Our customers have unique needs with respect to their events and each location provides its own challenges for our crew and the structure.

Unfortunately we cannot provide a set of standardized rates for our rental packages.

We do have a form that you can complete that will provide us with the initial information we will need to develop an estimate. Simply fill out the quote form below and provide us with as much detail as possible about your event;  an agent will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please keep in mind that any proposal we provide will be based on the information you give us only;  if the conditions of your event change so will the price.

Keep in mind that certain props, like our Vortex/Black Hole are not available for rent. We can however design and customize one per your needs for purchase, or we can consult and train you to build your own for a fraction of the price of purchase.

Please note that we provide rentals in the following states only: Connecticut, most of New York and Massachusetts, most of New Jersey, and Rhode Island. If your event is outside of Connecticut we need to add travel and accommodation costs for our crew as well as shipping & transportation costs for our equipment.

We provide consulting services and manufacture props for sale throughout the United States.

If you have general questions email us at                                  or call us at 203-367-5741

October maze rentals start at $10,000 & up
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We will need a setup time of approx. 24 hrs. before the start of the event and 5 hrs. for breakdown after event. Do we have the location for the 24 hrs. setup period & 5 hr. breakdown period? (If not, DO NOT continue with this form!)
Will the Maze be part of an Event or the Main Event?:
What Time Frame and Date(s) is Event Scheduled on?
What is your Budget for the Event?: (If your budget is less than the Complete Haunted Maze rental, you might consider using our consulting services to help you get the most from your investment)
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Do You Have General Liability Insurance? If you can not supply general liability insurance, an extra $450 will be added to rental cost for you to be added to our rider.
Is the Location Indoors or Outdoors? (If outdoors, scroll down to question 24)
Is the Event Private or Open to the Public?:
If Open to the Public do You Have all your Permits/Licenses?:
If Indoors, You Need to Supply 3 Separate Power Cords for a Haunted House at 120v AC & 20 amps. (If not, DO NOT continue with this form!)
If Indoors, How Far is the Indoor Site from the Loading and Unloading Area?:
Will Our Crew Have Access to the Site Via Stairs or Elevators?:
How Tall is the Ceiling at the Site Location?:
Is the Use of Fog/Smoke Machines Permitted Inside the Location?:
If Outdoors, You Need to Supply 3 Separate Power Cords (within 25 feet of Maze) at 120VAC and 20 amps. (If not, DO NOT continue with this form!)
If Outdoors, Can we Drive on Directly to the Event Site to Unload, Set Up and Break Down Our Equipment?:
If No, What Kind of Access is Available? (Please Explain)
If Outdoors, Do You Have a Rain Day Set Up? If Possible Set Up a Rain Date for Event (Tent CANNOT be Used in Torrential Downpour or Very Poor Weather)
If You Intend to Use the Tent Outdoors We Suggest Getting a Tent Cover (call us for specific size) If possible Attain Rain Insurance (Please Select an Option)
If Outdoors, Do You Have Security During Times of Operations and When Closed?
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Please Add a Brief Description of Your Event or Leave any Comments or Questions that Would Help Us Provide You with the Best Service and Pricing. (For Example, Do You Have Any Stage Equipment or Props that You Wish To Use?):